Cloudamize is a cloud-computing analytics platform that provides high precision analytics, and powerful automation to improve the speed, ease, and accuracy of migrating to AWS.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner we’ve helped thousands of organizations plan and execute intelligent and optimized migrations to AWS. 

What can we do for you?

  • Gather deployment and utilization information on your IT estate
  • View in depth performance analysis at device/group level  
  • Receive recommended rightsizing for your compute, storage and network
  • Drill down to review recommended instances types / sizes
  • View predicted performance in the cloud

  • Choose your AWS reserved instance pricing plan
  • Configure SQL licensing with BYOL, dedicated host, instances, and optimized costs
  • Geotag your AWS region for better performance and cost savings
  • Customize your CPU load and instance family

  • Discover machines, applications and shadow IT
  • Map application interdependencies and communications
  • Download firewall rule reports
  • Building migration move groups by machine, application, custom tags with advanced filtering
  • Integrate with AWS CloudEndure for migration

  • Hypercare
  • Landing Zone
  • Application Migration

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International (PMI) launches Cloud Transformation Program to support business evolution.

About the Cloudamize & AWS Partnership

  • Founded in 2012 as an independent cloud migration company
  • Received AWS Migration Competency in 2016
  • Received AWS Windows Workload Competency in 2018
  • Joined the AWS OLA Program in 2019
  • Preferred Migration Assessment Tooling: Accelerated cloud adoption powered by Cloudamize, AWS preferred assessment and discovery software.
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