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It’s a platform that provides peace of mind, governance, efficiency, and control of multi-cloud environments.

Cloudamize helps you assess what you have today, where you want to go, and find the best patterns to adopt.

  • Accelerated Cloud Adoption
  • App-Centric Optimization
  • Automated Cost Control
  • High Precision Migration
cloudamize platform
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Cloud TCO Assessment

Create a business case for an accelerated cloud migration strategy. Apply high-precision analytics to simplify cloud complexities and bring peace of mind to migration planning.

Flexible App-Centric Assessments and Analytics

Over 150 metrics to measure performance and calibrate cloud configurations, including what-if scenarios analysis and assessments via hypervisor, agent, and agentless methods. Drill down to the machine level to understand your current performance versus your performance with the recommended right-sized cloud configuration.

Cloud Suitability Analysis

Capture an application’s cloud compatibility and efficiency gain based on its performance profile, usage patterns, and available cloud options to prioritize applications for migration.

Cloud Cost Calculator and Comparison

Calculate and compare the TCO of moving to AWS, Azure, and GCP based on your current infrastructure performance profile, and identify which cloud will give you the best cost for your performance requirements and make the business case for moving to the cloud.

License Optimization

Receive recommendations on your existing licensing options to meet workload performance needs while optimizing cost savings in the cloud.

Cloud Migration Planning

Design a detailed plan to migrate workloads to the best-fit cloud services. Our multi-cloud approach ensures you can jumpstart migration to the CSP of your choice.

Multi-cloud Migration Integrations with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

First-class integrations with AWS, Azure, and GCP help jumpstart migration and adoption of cloud-native technologies.

Cloud Configuration Mapping

Quickly map workloads and migrate applications into AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud based on company preferences and cloud strategy.

Application Tags & Grouping

Easily group applications based on business users, migration phases, tags, and more to structure your migration plan at scale. Includes support for custom upload of asset inventories to accelerate creating migration groups.

Custom Migration Designer

Run “what if” scenarios for each move group by changing regions, pricing plans, discounting levels, instance types, instance families, and performance thresholds to calculate and compare your true cost of ownership based on custom business requirements.

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